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Who do you want to win the Oscar? Leo or Johnny?

For me, ideally it would be a tie. But I gotta say Leo.
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I'd have to say Leo too...I heard that his performance in The Aviator was outstanding, and I saw the previews, but I gotta wait to see the movie until it comes on DVD...but I really want Leo to win!! *crosses fingers*
You haven't seen the Aviator?????!?!??!??!??!?! YOU OF ALL PEOPLE!

I saw it the day it came out! Same with Gangs. ^^

Anyhoo, it might be a long wait for the's an excellent film, and Leo is amazing (and naked!) in it. ^^
lol...I know!! My MOM is OVERPROTECTIVE so she won't let me see the movie alone, and she doesn't wanna see it in the theatres, so there's no way for me to see it...and she said wait for the DVD...I hate my mom, only because she's overprotective...grrrrr...I love Gangs of New York!! I always cry at the end, and yes, I have heard that Leo is naked in the movie...can't wait to see it!! lolololol...I just can't wait until it's on DVD!! Oh, I recently read an article where some teenagers has lost their love to Leo because of his portrayal as Howard Hughes in The Aviator...

I think that's ridiculous though, cuz I feel that Leo has done an excellent job in Titanic, as well as his other movies...teenagers!! Lol...
Aww, no! I'll go with you! lol, I saw the Aviator in theaters twice, haha. Alot of old people go, I guess because Hughes was kinda in their time.

I'm watching Gangs right now. ;) I love it too! I saw it in theaters five times. Leo has gotten me into sooo many things I adore! He's gotten me into Gangs, U2 (did the theme song for Gangs), Daniel Day-Lewis (in Gangs), Scorsese (directed Gangs), Cammie (got to have hot makeout scenes w/ Leo in Gangs) and tons of awesome shite. I owe Leo alot.

That article makes me mad! It's sad that Leo's fanbase is just a bunch of horny girls who can't truly appreciate his acting talent. I think the Aviator has one of his best performances, next to Gilbert Grape and the Basketball Diaries.

Oh yes, and Leo has such a lovely, lovely bum. *drools* Lovely body, at that.
lol...I love everything about GONY...that's just one of the best movies I've seen...and the article got me mad too...grrrr...and I agree, he's talented in every movie that he had made...I don't see why these people don't like him...and as for his bum...I could say he has a nice one *smiles* just can't wait to see The Aviator *horny smile*


*hands you a muffin*
I'm voting Leo. His performance was amazing. and I've seen better from Johnny. Neverland's outstanding but the acting is nothing that blows you away, like in TA where your just like :-o
I'm gonna say Leo because his performance was dynamic. Johnny still has some great roles ahead of him I'm sure. *crosses fingers for him for next year*