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I've been doing some icons, I need the practise

11 Johnny Depp
9 Vanessa Paradis
2 Johnny & Vanessa
13 Leo DiCaprio
1 Kate Winslet
8 Moulin Rouge


Under the fake cut

Take, credit, comment and offer constructive criticism please ♥ I'm happy to do requests


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I'm just saying Hi! because I've only just joined. I'm Laura, 16, obsessive Johnny fan for about a year or so (since POTC) and I have only recently developed DiCaprio OCD since I watched the Aviator, which is fantastic. Hence, I am incredibly happy 've just found this community.

Did you all watch the BAFTA's last night? The Aviator got best picture, and Cate Blanchett got best supporting actress. No sign of Johnny though.

anyway, hello!
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I just read an article that was put out by Autograph Collector magazine and it listed the 10 "Best Signers" and 10 "Worst Signers". Leo was on on the 10 "Worst Signers List" and Johnny was the number one "Best Signer". Sigh. Has anyone had any experience in trying to get autographs either from Leo or Johnny or any celebrity at all? If you have any stories, feel free to share. I'll share mine, if you share yours

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Leonardo DiCaprio | Bellissimo Italiano

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Be  sure  to  watch  the  Critic's  Choice  awards  tonight...Leonardo  DiCaprio  is  gonna  be  in  it, as  well  as  Johnny  Depp...:) I  wouldn't  miss  this  for  the  world...:)
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I have found my people!

Heya! I was looking through my favorites and seeing what groups they lead to and low and behold this pops up. Niiice. Greetings and Salutations. I look forward to seeing "The Aviator" as well as "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" for the deeelightful and divine Mr. Leo and Mr. Johnny
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